Great Neighborhoods, Largest Retail Destination in the Region

Next to tourist-driven Kalamazoo is another thriving city in Southwest Michigan. The city of Portage offers innovation and energy like Kalamazoo, but in its own way. Rather than fostering a progressive downtown or college-going community, Portage is recognized city- and region-wide as a leader in opportunity for its residents and businesses. Value-added amenities, public services, and the retail district paired with good-quality neighborhoods distinguish Portage as one of Southwest Michigan’s great places to call home for your family and your business.

What has propelled Portage to become a frontrunner in business opportunity is essentially the city’s retail-driven commercial corridor, attracting buyers and new businesses across the Southwest region. The regionally-patronized retail landscape here has branded Portage as the retail heart of Southwest Michigan for its collection of popular retailers, including The Crossroads Mall, which is the largest regional retail center in Southwest Michigan. The South Westnedge Avenue commercial corridor is growing popular for its selection and accessibility, extending from I-94 and US-131 to the city’s municipal services and the Portage City Centre community.

Plant your business roots in the center of the city near a dynamic retail environment. Portage Centre Plaza, located in Portage City Centre and just 1.5 miles away from The Crossroads Mall, offers opportunity available for immediate lease to those seeking an established retail-occupied community. This location faces a major intersection that filters in the South Westnedge Avenue traffic, an existing retail customer base.

Other than its trademark retail district, Portage is widely recognized for its popular amenities. Regionally and statewide, multiple sources recognize the city of Portage as a great place to live, work, and grow a business. In a 2011 national listing, Portage ranked No. 10 in Bloomberg Businessweek’s America’s Best-Performing Housing Markets. In a 2013 listing based on Michigan’s 50 most populated cities, Portage was ranked No. 4 in The 10 Best Cities in Michigan by Movoto, a real estate research blog. Portage also earned an A+ in ‘Amenities’ and ‘Cost of Living’ and was ranked overall as “extremely livable” by Area Vibes. Features like education, employment, parks and recreational space, and public safety services among others factor into this city’s achievements. In collaborative efforts to promote the “extremely livable” city, Portage City Council and other district boards teamed up to launch a Portage Top Ten list of what makes this city a great place. A complete list of distinct retail advantages provided by the City of Portage website validates this city as a great place, specifically for growing your business.

Retail space is available in Portage’s urban business district and is ready for immediate lease at Portage Centre Plaza. For details, click here to view the property page or call us today.

Crossroads Mall Entrance and Map