A Commitment to History

2018 Historic Preservation Merit Award – Being recognized for an award is an honor; however, being recognized for what you are truly passionate about is a distinct experience. It is exciting, encouraging, and inspiring.

At PlazaCorp, one of our main tenets is “Historic restorations that inspire awe.” As such, we are proud to receive a 2018 Historic Preservation Merit Award from the City of Kalamazoo’s Historic Preservation Commission and be recognized for the whole of PlazaCorp’s restoration projects spanning the last 20 years.

Receiving a 2018 Historic Preservation Merit Award

Looking forward, we remain strongly committed to shaping Kalamazoo’s historical real estate into amazing places and spaces.

PlazaCorp Looking Toward the Future

Stay tuned for more blogs telling fascinating stories of our existing properties and the plans of our projects in progress.

PlazaCorp Award of Merit